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1967 to 1973 Mercury Cougar

1968 XR7G Restoration Progress

67 DGS Progress
1968 XR7G Restoration Progress

Pictures of the car before the work began.






I bought this car in 1999. My plan at the time was to strip the car, send it to Eddie Wester for bodywork, more on that below, and have the interior and drive line ready for install when the car came back. I was figuring a year at the body shop and then maybe 3 months for me to put it all back together. I ordered a lot of parts, got the motor off to the shop and I thought everything was looking good. 4 years later I found out it was not looking good at all. Eddie Wester who own Wester's Body Shop in Central City, KY, just decided he was not going to work on the car. I am not sure what happened or why but he did nothing and all along lied to me saying the car was almost done. It cost me dearly to have to car towed down there and back and the amount of time I lost working on the car. The only thing I will put down here is he lied to me and I will never trust him ever again. The sad part is I considered him a friend.

Now the car is really rusted thanks to sitting outside for many years. Tom Lawrance owns and operates KTL Restoration in Danville, VA. He picked up the car in April and is making progress on replacing a lot of rusted sheet metal. As he sends pictures I will post them of the work that he is doing.

For those that don't know I sold the G. The restoration was completed and it was sold to someone who hopefully will enjoy it.

KTL Restoration