1967 to 1973 Mercury Cougar

67 DGS Progress
1968 XR7G Restoration Progress


I bought my first Cougar back in 1983. It was a plain jain 1968 cougar. Red on red, 302 2V, C4. It was a great driver to go to college in and served me well for many years.

Next came this 1967.


I sold this car when I moved to Northern Virginia.

After a few years I started looking for a 1968 XR7G. A friend in Richmond told me about one there. I checked it out, struck a deal and here it is the day I picked it up.


This car needs a full restoration. To see the progress click the link below

1968 XR7G Restoration Progress

While working on the restoration of my 1968 XR7G I bought this 1967 DGS Cougar to have some fun with.


I have decided to open track the 67 DGS. To do this many things have to be replaced/upgraded on the car.

We all have dreams also. Mine is to build one of these. I will never be able to own one of the few orginals but I sure would like to have a clone to enjoy on the track.


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